Our Top 5 YouTuber Books!

Over the past couple of years, it's become increasingly common for YouTubers to release their own book. Some have released a few, while others have only released one. Regardless of which, they all released amazing books! Here are our top five favourite YouTube books:

The Girl Online series by Zoella

A fictional series by Zoella, her books tick all our boxes! From heart melting romances to female empowerment and career inspiration, Girl Online has taught us how to become our true self, and to chase our dreams! We love the first two, and it just so happens that the third novel in this series, Girl Online: Going Solo has just come out!
*squeals in 84 different languages*

Binge by Tyler Oakley

This book isn't just one of our favourite YouTuber books, it's one of our favourite books ever! In this book, Tyler tells you a series of stories from his past; the good times, the bad times and the funniest times. This book will make you feel more emotions than Kim Kardashian did when she lost her earring in the ocean! You will not regret reading Binge, in fact, we wouldn't be surprised if you too became as obsessed with it as we are!

The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Dan & Phil

This book will leave you giggling for hours! It is seriously one of the funniest books we've ever read. Hearing the stories that Dan & Phil have to say will make you feel all of the feels! Not going to lie, our parents were probably giving us weird looks when we started laughing uncontrollably while reading a book, but we couldn't help it! If you need a laugh, you need this book.

I Hate My Selfie by Shane Dawson

This book is one of the most heartwarming  books we've ever read. Just hearing Shane tell us about his different struggles and overcoming them makes us so proud of him! While this book came out before Shane himself came out, it still has a plethora of amazing stories that you'll absolutely love! Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself! 

Looking For Alaska by John Green

Most people would claim that if you were to read a John Green novel, you'd have to read The Fault In Our Stars. But we're just gonna assume you've already read that! Looking For Alaska is one of the most interesting, thought provoking novels that John Green has ever written, and you'll love it! Uhhh, hello? It's John Green? Of course you're gonna love it!

That's our list! Did we miss any? Let us know! What are your favourite YouTuber books?