Tourists Get The Surprise Of Their Lives At The Oscars!

Before the biggest blunder of the century, back when the award show was going quite well, The Oscars decided to surprise a bunch of tourists who thought they were going on a celebrity home tour, by showing them the actual stars themselves! The Dolby Theatre went completely quiet as the tourists entered before bursting into life as the tourists realised what was happening! The small group of tourists were entirely shook as amazing things kept happening to them all at once.

The tourists got to experience so many iconic moments in one go. Denzel Washington “married” an engaged couple, Jennifer Aniston gave them the gift of sunglasses and one of the tourists even got to hug Meryl Streep! That last one in particular has us ~so~ jealous, we wish we could hug Meryl!

People were having fun with some of the pictures, as Ryan whispering to this shook lady went viral as people guessed what he was saying to her:

Many people thought the whole thing was awkward, with the tourists not really knowing what to say to the celebrities. But everyone agreeing that they too, would have died if that was happening to them!

So what do you think? Did you enjoy the segment? Think it was awkward? Let us know!