Toxic Shock Syndrome Almost Took The Life Of This Teen

We have all heard the warnings around Toxic Shock Syndrome, but admit it, we have not always taken it 100% seriously. Once you read this, your views may change, dramatically. 

According to BetterHealth, Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a rare and potentially life-threatening illness. Women who have their period are most likely to get TSS, as it is thought to be associated with tampon use. Suggestions for reducing the risk of TSS include changing tampons regularly and using pads instead of tampons overnight.

14-year-old Molly Pawlett found out the deadly consequences of leaving a tampon in overnight after almost dying from the illness. 

It all started when the British teenager woke up feeling unwell. "At first I assumed Molly had a bug, but for some reason I had a strange feeling it was something more serious, Molly's mother, Sonia Pawlett told Daily Mail.

"I asked Molly if she was wearing a tampon, which she was," she remembered. "I had told her not to wear a tampon overnight but of course, being 14, she thought she knew better."

It wasn't until a distinct rash rapidly started to spread across Molly's body that they realised something was wrong. Even though Molly removed the tampon that morning, she had already worn it for over 10 hours (two hours longer than recommended), and consequently, needed urgent medical attention. "If we hadn't of taken her to the hospital when we did then it could have been fatal," Sonia said. By this time, Molly's organs had already begun to shut down.

“Because I acted so quickly, and she removed the tampon when she did, she was one of the lucky ones."

Molly has vowed never to wear a tampon again, and doctors have already warned her that if she plans to have kids in the future, she will have to seek medical advise because of the potential for future infections.

“I never thought this would happen to me, I usually wear a tampon and so do my friends at school, so I was completely shocked and didn’t think I was doing anything wrong," Molly said.

“I really want to encourage other girls not to leave tampons in for longer than eight hours, thankfully I pulled through but others might not be as lucky.”

To learn more about Toxic Shock Syndrome, head to BetterHealth.