Troye Sivan Is Back In The Studio!

Troye Sivan is back in the studio! We repeat, Troye Sivan is back in the studio! No one panic! This is an emergency! New Troye music!

Okay, okay, we’ll calm down. But Troye posted on Twitter today that he’s “back to work”, adding a short video of him in a wig in a studio. He looks so serene as he’s making some new stuff, and we’re extremely excited to see what he does with this second album! The video alone has made us giddy, take a look at this video of Troye in his happy place!

We’re so ready for his new stuff; if it’s even half as amazing as Blue Neighbourhood, then we’re in for a masterpiece! We may need to buy ourselves an extra pack of tissues though!

So what do you think? Are you excited? Dreading it? Let us know!