Troye Sivan Releases 'Heaven' Music Video!

This morning, Troye Sivan finally released the long awaited Heaven music video, and it actually hits all of the feels. It’s entirely black and white, but we think that adds even more to the video!

The music video shows footage of gay rights protests in previous decades, as well as affectionate gay and lesbian couples. Troye is also seen in the arms of a faceless man with a ~gorgeous~ body, and tbh we’re totally jealous.

If you want to watch the music video you can do so here:

Is this you right now? Because this is us right now:

We’re currently all up in our feelings right now, and we want to congratulate Troye on such an amazing video! We think it just might be his best one yet!

So what do you think? Do you love the music video? Expecting something different? Let us know!