Troye Sivan Will Be The Youngest Person To Receive THIS Award!

Troye is still pretty young, but he’s done some incredible things in his career! From his millions of YouTube subscribers to his flawless album, Troye Sivan has managed to effectively rule the world! Or at least our world. But one of the most amazing things he’s done is his work for the LGBTQ+ community. Where he’s helped many people accept themselves, love themselves and “keep on kissing” in a world run by Donald Trump.

It looks like we’re not the only ones who've noticed that though, because Troye will be the youngest person ever to receive the Stephen F Kolzak Award from GLAAD for his work for the LGBTQ+ work!

Troye will also be attending the GLAAD Inaugural Rising Stars Grants Luncheon on March 31, along with other LGBTQ+ YouTubers like GiGi Gorgeous and Hannah Hart to present LGBTQ+ students with scholarships.

We’re so proud of Troye, and we’re so inspired by him! He’s doing incredible things!

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