Tyler Posey Will Be Guest Starring On One Of Your Favourite Shows!

With Teen Wolf ending, we didn’t know when we’d get to see Tyler Posey on our screens again. But we’re extremely happy to find out that Tyler Posey will be guest starring on Jane The Virgin! We don’t know how many episodes Tyler will actually be in, but we’re hoping he’ll be around for a while, because that’ll be lit! Gina, who plays Jane, made the announcement earlier today on Twitter, and we hope they end up together because Jane and Tyler’s character would make a great couple!

Fans have been extremely excited about this announcement, they’re clearly as ready for this as we are! Here’s what they had to say about it:

Looks like this will most definitely be amazing! It will be like our two favourite shows having a crossover! We’re curious to see how Tyler takes on this new role, whatever role he plays, we’re sure it’ll be incredible, because hello, it’s Tyler Posey?

So what do you think? Are you excited for Tyler to be on Jane The Virgin? Not too keen? Let us know!