Urban Outfitters Is Giving You The Chance To Meet Connor Franta!

Connor Franta, YouTuber and best-selling author of A Work In Progress, released some exciting news today! His brand Common Culture is set to collaborate with Urban Outfitters - meaning his clothes, which only used to be available online, will feature in actual stores. 

Connor expressed his excitement via the official Common Culture twitter, announcing that he will be touring around North America, specifically Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Minneapolis, Chicago, Orlando, Cincinnati and New York City over the course of November and December. At each location, he will be meeting the first 200 people to buy Common Culture clothing from Urban Outfitters, so start saving up!

Can't make it to an Urban Outfitters store? Don't worry! More Common Culture clothing will be available online from the 29th of November. If you are interested in purchasing something from the website, there are still a few products available.

Connor’s brand has been a success so far, and he is dreaming of expanding it in the future. On the Common Culture website you can find everything from clothing to candles to coffee and music! Sounds like a ~frantastic~ combination to us.