VidCon Australia Tickets Are On Sale!

Finally! It’s happening! After years of enviously reading people’s tweets about how much they love/loved VidCon, us Aussies can finally go!

A regular ticket is $100, but that’s more than worth it if we're given the chance to have the time of our lives! It’s only in Melbourne for now, but hopefully it’ll go to different cities at a later date! 

They still haven’t announced who will actually be there, but we definitely trust VidCon to bring some amazing acts to Australia (... and ones that have never been here before)! We don’t know about you, but we haven’t been this excited for anything since Amplify 2016 was announced (and we’ll be just as excited, if not more excited when Amplify 2017 is announced too)!

Who are you hoping will be there for our first ever VidCon? Let us know! 

*brb packing our bags to go to Melbourne*