We Just Heard Katy Perry’s New Single And We LOVE it!

All over the world, Katy Perry has placed disco balls attached to chains in specific locations. Once you find the Disco ball and chain, you get to listen to Katy’s new song Chained To The Rhythm! We got to have a listen, and we are ~shook~! Like, we literally can't even; it’s catchy, fun, a bop, it is just everything. We don't want to wait till tomorrow to hear the whole song, it’s that good!

You can hear the song if you can make it to any of these locations:

Right now, we’re dying to hear it again and again, we think this is one of Katy’s best! You're going to love the track once you hear it, it literally goes off the chain! The song comes out tomorrow on iTunes, and we’ll definitely be up and buying it as soon as it comes out! Let’s be real, we’re probably addicted.

So what do you think? Are you planning on hearing it? Excited to buy it on iTunes? Let us know!