We're Living For These Dan & Phil Pop! Vinyl Figures!


All we want for Christmas is these Dan & Phil Pop! Vinyls, but unfortunately, they're not available ... yet! A recent petition has surfaced encouraging Funko to add Dan Howell and Phil Lester to their official collection. 

The petition, initiated by Mandy Cook in the UK, already has over 300 signatures and over 100 ultra-dedicated comments with many stating that "the world needs this". We wholeheartedly agree with that one! 

At the moment, there are only fan-made Pop! Vinyls circulating (as pictured), which makes it pretty damn hard for uncreative types like us to get our hands on, but hopefully this changes! 

Oh, and let's not even mention how unbelievably happy this would make both YouTubers! 
*cries for eternity*

If you want to sign the petition, click here!