You Can Now Watch Netflix Offline!

Long road trips and flights will never be the same, all thanks to Netflix!

Our fave streaming service has given us an early Christmas present by introducing a downloading service. Yep, that's right- Netflix is making some TV shows and movies available for download to watch offline on Apple and Android devices. 

And, for all those thinking it's exclusive to the USA, you're wrong! It's available in all countries with Netflix! 

The latest version of Netflix's mobile app includes a "download" button on the details page of selected movies and TV series, alongside a new menu item showing what's currently available to download. 

Many of us have limited Internet access so this is the perfect excuse to snuggle up over the holidays and enjoy your fave shows. Oh, and don't forget that you can watch them on the go, which we think is the perfect excuse to catch public transport! And, there's no denying that people are super excited!

We didn't think our love for Netflix could get any deeper, but it appears it has. Thank you, Netflix.