YouTube Rewind 2016 Is Here!

So as you all know - given that you either have a phone to tell you the date or you’re excited for summer holidays - 2016 is almost over!

Now, 2016 ending means a lot of things like yearly exams, Christmas presents, school being over and awkward questions from family members like “What do you wanna be when you’re older?” and “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”
*I mean, just for the record, Harry Styles is our boyfriend*
But for us, the end of 2016 means only one thing: YouTube Rewind 2016! 

As usual, YouTube Rewind was filled with everything we loved in 2016! From songs, to viral videos, to iconic YouTubers; we’re ~completely~ in love with the video! Featuring people like Jc Caylen, the Dolan twins, Lily Singh and The Rock, this might be our favourite YouTube Rewind to date! 

Have a look and see for yourself the amazing spectacle of 2016, and count how many references you pick up! You can watch the video here:

So what do you think? Do you love the video? Think they could have done it differently? Let us know!