YouTuber's Car Smashed With A Baseball Bat For Holding Up Traffic

YouTuber Coby Persin has had his $300,000 BMW smashed with a baseball bat after blocking traffic to take a selfie.  

The 21-year-old posted a video of himself sitting on the bonnet of his sports car while illegally blocking a busy New York street so he and his friends could pose for photos and a video. 

The self-proclaimed "Social Experimenter/prankster" posted the video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram asking his fans to help identify the driver, however many have speculated that the entire attack could have been part of a publicity prank for his channel. There's no denying that he angered many New Yorkers who can be heard shouting while the YouTuber and his friends pose.

The posts weren't received particularly well, with many putting the blame on Coby for holding up the traffic. 

Do you think it's Coby's fault or the "crazy guy" for retaliating?