Zayn Malik Releases A New Snippet From His Book!

A new snippet from Zayn Malik's autobiography has been released and we may or may not be dying!

This time it’s about fan fiction based on him when he was in One Direction! He says, “it’s pretty unnerving reading things about yourself as a character from somebody else’s imagination”.  We can’t help but wonder what kind of fan fiction he read about himself! He also spoke about fan art - saying he appreciated it the most -  and that he was grateful and humbled that people would use their talent to draw him. 

Zayn has revealed a few snippets in the past; one talking about how the song Flower from his debut album Mind Of Mine is inspired by his father, and another one about how he was inspired by The Beatles, but we sure did not expect this one!

Zayn tweeted the link to the snippet, which is on Wattpad, which you can view here!

Are you excited for Zayn’s new book? Have you been reading the snippets? Will you be buying it? We can't wait!