About Amplify

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Amplify is a live experience allowing fans to connect with the biggest creators in the world. Since 2015, Amplify Live has created tours with Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, Andrea Russett, MyLifeAsEva, Nash Grier, Tana Mongeau, Kian and JC to name but a few.

The tours allow fans to connect with their favourite creators on a personal level and get the opportunity that they might not otherwise have. Starting in Australia Amplify was able to bring out some of the biggest American creators and work as a platform for rising Australian talent.

In the past year Amplify has expanded to North America with the And They Say We’re Not Talented Tour which followed Tana Mongeau, Danielle Cohn, Mario Selman and Trevor Moran around Dallas Chicago LA and New York. Amplify is only continuing to grow and we’re so excited to see what can happen in 2019!

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what can you expect?

To meet your favourite creator within a safe and entertaining event! At Amplify, our mission is to create the best ‘one on one’ fan experience with your favourite creator.

You are able to experience Live shows that showcase the best content from creators and allow you to connect with them at a more personal IRL level than is available on YouTube.

Through purchasing a ticket which includes a Meet and Greet element to the tour you are able to have a personal conversation with the people that you look up to and let them know what they mean to you! Once the Meet and Greet has taken place and you are in your seats, the show begins. Going for 45 minutes the show is a live version of your creators content, with Q&A’s, storytimes and other video based content.